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Case Studies are nothing but gold when it comes to marketing your bricks and mortar or online business.


Because what you say about yourself is marketing. But when you tell a story about how exactly you helped a client, and it’s backed up with a client endorsement or testimonial, it becomes reality, and the trust factor goes up ten notches. If properly structured and well written, a case study is so much more powerful than just a testimonial.

  • It gives you the opportunity to tell a story – from beginning to end so people see your process and true value
  • It’s a lot more interesting and informative than just a short testimonial
  • It is proof that you can actually do what you promise
  • It creates transparency and honesty about how you work.
  • It creates desire for prospects experiencing similar issues to contact you.

You’ve shown through the story telling that you understand the problem or requirement and know exactly what to do to achieve a successful outcome A compelling case study should be succinct, yet flow well so that it is a really interesting read. It doesn’t need to be five pages long, nor should it be a couple of short paragraphs. It needs to be long enough to tell the story so that the reader is not left wondering why or how, and ends up admiring you for what you achieved.