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How to Run a Design Business

Run a Design Business

Nearly all design studios have been formed by graphic designers, whether it is a Brisbane interior designer or a Melbourne one, frequently with a diploma in graphic design, who’ve worked for different studios. But some very excellent studios are conducted by non-designers. And studios are usually set up with a partnership of designers and non-designers, each bringing their own experience to the enterprise.


If you’re going to set up a design studio, you then want somebody to design for. It’s necessary to obtain the ideal customers and build a connection. It is not a one-size-fits-all model. Design studio offers a service along with your strategy might suit some customers but not others.

Aim to construct an understanding of exactly what a customer expects to achieve from the jobs you work on collectively. This helps to make sure all parties are clear about the supreme goals for almost any design work. In my experience, customers can become ambassadors to your own studio, even acting as unofficial new company programmers. If a customer is after retail interior design and you specialise in home design then this is not the ideal customer for you.

Reputation out

There are thousands of graphic design studios, so why would a customer work together with yours? It’s critical to be clear in your own brand of your company – why you conduct it, what it provides, how is it different – for example it may specialise in brining organic furniture to you such as tree wood furniture, and the way people may encounter it.

Clearly conveying the worth your studio will attract to customers and they’ll enjoy the advantage of working together with you. Do not be concerned about comparing yourself with other like companies – invest some time really considering the way to convey your brand to prospective clients.

Find your market, be good at everything you do and also work with collaborators that are good at what they do.


Finally your studio will expand and will require workers. When searching, the perfect place to begin is always with private recommendations. Utilize any networks of reliable people you’ve built up and ask them for tips.

Do not search for clones of yourself with everybody in the studio doing exactly what you do as this isn’t a fantastic strategy. If you are somewhat weak in a specific place such as coastal interior design and your business targets a beach base of customers, then attempt to bring in individuals whose strengths have been in these regions. Among the most significant things I heard from the creator of a renowned design studio would be never to be reluctant to hire individuals who are far better than you.

Character and personality are equally as critical as designing skill. You want people who understand their own head and it’s your task to create an environment where they are not afraid to voice it. The worst thing you’ll get is somebody who agrees with what you say.


You can’t and should not, do everything yourself. You may want different people and businesses to work together with you to do most jobs nicely.

Find your market, be good at everything you do and work with collaborators who specialise in sourcing beach coastal furniture for your coastal design studio, who are good at what they’re doing. Employing technologies, it is possible to use individuals based anywhere in the world.

This information holds true for outside company service and pros too. As a design studio, you also may advise customers to work together with you to your professional experience in layout. Therefore don’t attempt to do everything yourself work with specialists in their fields that will bring their knowledge to your company.

Among the greatest things we did when beginning would be to identify what we were not great at, discovered specialists in such areas. A prime example would be becoming a fantastic accountant or financial advisor on-board premature – their charges are well worth the specialist experience they’ll bring.

Be transparent

Do not attempt to hide how you work – ensure it is your own selling stage. If you utilize collaborators then emphasize the fact you’ve assembled a group of experts to get a job or where you source your naturally made tree furniture from; which you’re working with those who are the best at what they do. A transparent brand has more of a possibility of being reliable.


You want people you can rely on to provide you the ideal advice. Since the creator of a studio, there’s absolutely no one senior inside the company to supply you with guidance or daily support. Your mentors do not need to conduct a design studio themselves actually it’s extremely helpful to get information from non-designers.

We also found it helpful to combine a business body, like the Design Business Association, for advice and information.

No one-size-fits-all

There’s not any appropriate way to establish a design studio. Each studio has its culture, manner of functioning, experiences and processes. If you believe that the ideal thing to do would be the opposite of what I’ve said then good, since you have made your own conclusions.

Paul Bailey co-founded 1977 Design & Brand Consultancy in 2002, also can be co-creator of Clarify, an internet branding instrument.