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How to stay on top as a leading Crane Hire Company

From relocating heavy equipment to loading cargo and assisting in construction projects, there are many reasons that companies may require a crane hire service. There are cranes out there you can hire, but it can be hard to find a reliable crane rental that has the proper equipment and can serve your needs.

There are many factors when it comes to what you need to look for, so you know that you have found the right crane company for the work you need to complete. Here are a few ways that can help you to stay on top of crane hire, so customers choose you over the competition.

Have the proper permits, insurance and licensing

You should always ensure that your crane hire company has the right insurance information, permits and licenses. A reputable company needs to have these available to the customers to inspect on their request. If you do not supply these, the customers can contact the licensing bodies for confirmation to ensure you are authorised and have the right permits. If you do not have these, you can get in a lot of trouble.

Maintenance records

Cranes and other types of heavy machinery will need to have frequent inspections and maintenance done to ensure that they are in safe working condition. If you consider your company a good one, then you need to show maintenance logs as some proof you are keeping your crane in a safe condition.

Operators qualifications

A crane is nothing without an operator that knows what they are doing. When you hire a crane, you get the operator with it. Customers will ask about the operators’ qualifications and what process they go through to screen their employees. You must ensure that drug and background checks are a part of that process. Background checks may include police checks.

The safety procedures 

As a crane rental provider, you need to have a severe emphasis on the safety procedures that should be in place to protect the people and equipment that are on worksites. In the case that an emergency should occur, operators and personnel need to know how to respond. Staff need to understand how to shut down the equipment as soon as possible. 


It is useful if you can supply plenty of legitimate testimonials of your past work. Reliable and quality rental companies will have regular clients that they rely on for crane contracting. It is a good sign if you have a few customers that are willing to speak on your behalf.

Plenty of available cranes

You need to have the latest cranes that can deliver the best results. With updated technology, people’s work will be more straightforward and give an outcome that they are expecting. Your company must have the latest cranes and be servicing them often.¬†Have a variety available like slab cranes, mobile cranes, mini cranes, tower cranes and all-terrain cranes. You need enough cranes to cover all sorts of jobs.

The cost

A good crane hire will provide you with a reasonable and fair price. You need to ensure what the customers are paying is worthy of the services you are giving them. They will want to feel like they got value for money. Your company must guide the clients towards the best deal they deserve that is within their budget. Do not push for them to take up services that are useless to them but profitable for you.